Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook is senior product manager at Tensar International

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by Jonathan Cook, on 05-Mar-2020 04:59:39

Accessing and setting up site quickly, economically and safely is a key stage for many construction projects, particularly those in remote areas, with little existing infrastructure. Many construction projects rely …

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Topics:Temporary Works

by Jonathan Cook, on 16-Jan-2020 05:05:32

Cement and chemical stabilisation is not the only green and cost-effective alternative to dig and replace for delivering a robust and long-lasting roads network. Two of the central pillars of …

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Topics:Pavement Optimizationsubgrade stabilisation

by Jonathan Cook, on 05-Dec-2019 04:56:55

The 1970's marked a revolution in the construction of retaining structures and roads, with Tensar’s invention of polymeric geogrids. A geogrid’s main function is to mechanically stabilise granular materials, reinforcing …

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