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Webinar: A Tensar Christmas Carol

Thursday 10th December

11:00am - 12.00pm GMT

With Andrew Lees as the Ghost of the Christmas Past

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A Tensar Christmas Carol

Time to look at geogrids in a new light, Geezer? 

Ebenezer Scrooge’s distant relation 'Geezer Scrooge' believes that all geogrids provide just soil reinforcement and their strength is all that matters. This webinar will set out to enlighten Geezer on the miracle of mechanical stabilisation that only some geogrids can provide. You’ll see Geezer taken on a wintry night time tour of Tensar applications past, present and future whose miraculous performance can be explained only by the stabilising properties of Tensar geogrids.

Christmas Tease

Why attend the webinar?

  • Understand the concept of mechanical stabilisation and how it is measured
  • Appreciate methods of incorporating mechanical stabilisation into design
  • Distinguish between ultimate and serviceability limit states of reinforced soil applications

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Academy Webinar Presenter

Andrew Lees
Senior Applications Technology Manager

  • Award-winning lecturer
  • Eurocode 7 redrafting panel member
  • Visiting Research Fellow at University of Southampton
  • Author of ICE published textbook - Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis
  • Loves Christmas!