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Webinar: Improving the Performance of Flexible Pavement Structures

Thursday 4th June 

11:00am - 12.00pm BST

Hosted by Tensar's UK Highways Team

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Need to DESIGN FASTER & achieve LONGER LASTING roads?

Adopting Pavement Optimisation helps ensure pavement design meets a project’s priorities in the most economical way, striking a balance between reducing pavement construction cost with increased trafficking capacity and whole life performance.

On this Academy webinar, hear how we delivered an alternative road design for the Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme (FARRRS). 

Also, learn more about Pavement Optimisation and how we delivered an optimum solution for FARRRS, where we:

  • Saved the client £500,000 in construction cost
  • Enabled 7,000 tonnes of material savings
  • Gave 26% reduction in overall pavement thickness
  • Increased roads service life by an average of 60%

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Why attend the webinar?

Learn how Tensar's Pavement Optimisation system can help you to improve the overall pavement performance with a mechanically stabilised layer, suitable for any flexible pavement application. The result is an efficient pavement design that results in demonstrable savings in time, cash and carbon.

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Tensar's UK Highways Team

Rajit Rajaram
UK Highways Manager

Rajit joined Tensar as Area Engineer in 2003 and was Middle East Regional Director from January 2013 to October 2019. After, he relocated to UK where he is now the UK Highways Manager. His Engineering and MBA background, along with 17 years experience at Tensar is an asset.

Tony Roe
UK Asphalt Reinforcement Manager

Tony joined Tensar in September 2008 as International Sales Manager covering Africa, Pakistan and India. He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with an NHD in Civil Engineering in 1992. He is a member of the ICE and the UK Chapter of IGS.