by Andrew Lees, on 30-Jan-2020 06:08:26

Remote sensing techniques are an important tool in the modern ground engineer’s armoury, helping build ever-more accurate ground models for construction and geotechnical asset management. Tensar Ground Coffee - Episode …

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Topics:Walls & Slopes

by Andrew Lees, on 23-Jan-2020 05:03:22

Trackbed maintenance and line speed restrictions significantly affect schedules and are expensive and disruptive to the public, industry, operators and asset owners. Supporting railway tracks Traditionally, railway tracks comprise of …

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Topics:Railway Improvement

by Jonathan Cook, on 16-Jan-2020 05:05:32

Cement and chemical stabilisation is not the only green and cost-effective alternative to dig and replace for delivering a robust and long-lasting roads network. Two of the central pillars of …

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Topics:Pavement Optimizationsubgrade stabilisation

by Andrew Lees, on 09-Jan-2020 08:40:49

Happy New Year from us at Tensar! We hope you had a great break full of geotechnical fun and discussion (we know we did!). As promised, below are the answers …

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