by Kasia Zamara, on 29-Oct-2020 05:35:26

A major challenge for many onshore wind farm projects is how to support the massive cranes needed to lift turbine sections into place. Geosynthetic cellular foundation mattresses can be the …

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Topics:GeogridTemporary Workswindfarms

by Kasia Zamara, on 22-Oct-2020 04:36:58

Along with mechanically stabilised layers, geosynthetic cellular foundation mattresses are a cost-effective and greener alternative to traditional foundations and ground treatment, when building temporary working platforms on very weak soils …

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Topics:Temporary Works

by Rajit Rajaram, on 08-Oct-2020 05:38:13

Pavement Optimisation can play a vital part in meeting the UK’s future housing needs, helping deliver developments faster and more economically. The Government has a target of building 300,000 new …

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by Andrew Lees, on 01-Oct-2020 04:20:25

Ever wonder why water disappears from wet beach sand when you step on it? It’s all about dilatancy – a phenomenon with a significant influence on the engineering behaviour of …

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