Tensar's 'bumper' Christmas Geotechnical puzzle

by Andrew Lees, on 12-Dec-2019 05:37:01

Merry Quizmas!

Fancy yourself as a bit of a crossword wizard? We at Tensar are getting into the festive spirit & bring to you our special geotechnical themed crossword.

You may have guessed, every word in the cryptic crossword is a geotechnical term or something related to geology in some way.  Give it your best shot below & let us know how you do!

Need some help? Andrew Lees gives you some tips on completing our cryptic crossword in our latest episode of Tensar Ground Coffee. 

Ground Coffee 5 - Our 'bumper' Christmas geotechnical puzzle

Print off our question sheet here and you're away!  A link to the answers is available below if you manage to complete the quiz, but no looking at the answers first!



1 and 10. Village gossip or ways of calculating ground displacement? (10,8)
7. Indian, for example, with limitless supply (5)
8. Containing metal, vehicle access denied to Imperial College (7)
10. See 1
11. See 12 Down.
13. A superficial deposit cut loose (6)
15 and 1 Down. Foul-mouthed, drunken Eve is used to sort gravel (6,5)
17. Hard sounding rock? (4)
18. Debate over Young’s modulus and Dutch measurement method (4,4)
21. Gambling king is king (7)
22. Aroma is nothing bleak (5)
23. Plants next to a laboratory formed into hard calcites (10)


1. See 15 Across.
2. Mixed up teen on abundant volcanic island (8)
3. Morning royal receptions hold back the deluge (6)
4. Excavation isn’t yours (4)
5. Our land more or less composed of rounded concretions (7)
6. Make smaller or he will supply the work (10)
9. Criminal journal with lecture left out forming conclusions from incomplete evidence (10)
12 and 11 Across. Barmy Baron H. Pelloe shows you the site investigation locations (8,4)
14. Denial of aborted penetration test (7)
16. Deep valleys, made beautiful by the Open University (6)
19. River islands initially each year often turn silty (5)
20. Part of a fold in slim bottom (4)

Answers can be viewed here. Try your best to get some answers before you have a sneak peak!