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CD225 (Adoptable Standards)  Data Capture Form


Tensar can carry out an assessment of unbound granular foundation layers to achieve CD225 (adoptable standards) defined foundation class targets by defining a Tensar Mechanically Stabilised Layer (MSL) with quantified performance as well as savings in project construction cost, construction time and available carbon footprint reductions.

By completing the data capture form below, Tensar’s design team can produce a free of charge “Application Suggestion” to illustrate what Tensar can achieve and how much value can be added to your project.

The following provides guidance on the information required by Tensar’s design team to allow them to provide you with a project specific and cost-effective proposal where there is a requirement for a road foundation to meet requirements set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges CD225: Design for new pavement foundations document which acknowledges the benefits of using “….mechanical stabilisation (with) geogrids………” in section 2 of the document.

The more information available, the more effective Tensar’s ability will be to respond in a timely manner.

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