T-Value Guide:

A new direction for temporary works design.
T-Value Illustration

The T-Value guide helps answer questions such as:

What is the design guidance for working platforms

✅ How to verify your working platform through a plate load test

✅ The benefits of stabilising geogrids in working platforms

✅ How T-Value differs from other design methods

✅ How Tensar verified it's T-Value design method

✅ How T-Value has been welcomed by the industry 

Supported by: 

📽️ Educational videos from Andrew Lees - Originator of the T-Value method

📰 Case studies to support the theory behind T-Value

➕ Calculator that allows you to estimate the cost, time and carbon savings you can achieve by using the T-Value method

All in an interactive guide which you don't want to miss!

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